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The Perfect Lip!

My granddaughter just turned a year old. Of course she is adorable : what proud grandmother wouldn’t brag about their first grandchild? From infancy one of her most striking features (aside from her gorgeous blue eyes) has been her beautiful lips : curving, soft pink, pouty (but in a good way), and full:

We all probably start life with those perfect lips. As we age, those lips change. With gravity, genetics, repeated lip movements, and sun exposure, we acquire lines around the mouth and lose volume in our lips. They thin out. Sometimes the “marionette lines” in our lip corners give us the look of perpetually frowning.

What to do?
The objective in treating the lip is to create a form that harmonizes with the patient’s unique facial features, restoring some of the volume lost through the ageing process. While we cannot completely erase many of the lines formed around the mouth, we can certainly soften them, as well as plumping the actual lip itself. We achieve this with the use of fillers, which are substances injected cosmetically to achieve this goal. These substances are hyaluronic acids,found normally in the skin’s structure. They are pliable gels used to correct the lip thinning and perioral lines.

There are several newer fillers specifically created for lips which impart a natural look. These fillers can last 6-12 months, sometimes even longer. The injecting process itself takes a few minutes. While it is a bit uncomfortable most people tolerate it well. There are topical anesthetics that can be placed to take the edge off the injections. There can be some swelling and bruising after the procedure but most people return to work the same or next day.

People with beautiful lips feel more beautiful!

Come in at any time to discuss this procedure. 'Baby Lips" may not be the goal but improvement and a natural look certainly is attainable!
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